Avon Travel

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Crescent Wallet

Crescent Wallet is a multicurrency crypto wallet app which allows users to send and receive payments, as well as store a variety of cryptocurrencies in a simple, clean, easy to use app. Keep your cryptocurrencies organized and safe with Crescent. I developed the branding as well as the UI/UX design for the app.


CycleMixx is a boutique, high-energy cycling studio located in Jersey City, offering hybrid spin classes that combined traditional spinning with other off-the-bike intervals such as total body strength, HIIT, legs & abs and barre. Their energetic, modern branding was strategized and implemented right here at DABL Creative. We worked with CycleMixx to develop their logo design, app design, and the overall branding of the new business to ensure that their clients come in excited to spin and can use the app to check out upcoming classes and reserve their spot online.


NYC-based renovation and design company Real Renovations approached me looking to boost their brand identity and create an image that would set them apart in New York’s crowded décor and design market. I worked with them to create a strong and distinctive brand image that would improve their industry standing and bring them directly to their target market’s attention. I also designed a logo to encapsulate their branding and produced business cards and letterheads to ensure that all of Real Renovations’ business materials reflected this new brand identity.

Quantitative Brokers

Quantitative Brokers is the leading provider of advanced execution algorithms and data-driven analytics for global futures and interest rate markets.
The company is built on a research-driven culture, market microstructure know-how, and algorithmic engineering expertise. QB continually develops and innovates an evolving suite of products to reduce implicit trading costs for its clients. Headquartered in midtown Manhattan, QB has branch offices in London, Sydney, and Chennai. I was working with QB to update, maintain, and make improvements to their website UI and UX. I also developed a logo for a seminar series that they hold called QuantBrains and designed some packaging for a welcome box that they provide to new customers.

Namaste Yoga

Every year, multitudes of peace-seekers travel to the Canary Islands to experience the tranquillity and rejuvenation available at Namaste Yoga. This luxury retreat features a range of yoga and meditation classes, training courses, and personal development workshops that allow clients to heal themselves from within and move on toward a healthier, happier future. To elevate Namaste Yoga into the luxury premium health and wellness market, I designed and developed an attractive and informative website for them, worked with the business on their branding and logo design, and designed business materials to enhance their image.

KNP Realty

KNP Realty specializes in sales, rentals, management, and property development in the greater New York City area. To update and revitalize the image of KNP Realty, I worked with them to develop an entirely new identity for the brand. It all started with a new logo which brings together the three letters in the name. The letters KNP stand for the initials of the three siblings that own the business. From there, I crafted beautiful imagery for KNP Realty which shows some of the most beautiful architecture in Manhattan. I incorporated a simple color palette for the brand and put together all of their business materials and a complete website for them as well.

Kalya Veda

Kalya Veda is an herbal supplement brand based on the time-tested science of Ayurveda. This powerful holistic health system originated in India over 5000 years ago and is still fostering well-being and balance in people to this day. Their mission is to break down the elements of Ayurveda so anyone can understand them and fold them into their everyday lives. Kalya Veda was created to foster a sense of balance in body, mind, and consciousness. Their website provide a slew of knowledge about Ayurveda and the benefits of Ayurvedic herbs.


FitLabb is one of the first community fitness, nutrition, and wellness platforms dedicated to developing a balanced and healthy mind and body. With countless other fitness and nutrition services available, FitLabb was designed and developed to stand out from the pack by offering a truly personalized experience provided by experts passionate about helping others with their personal growth. I worked with them on brand naming development as well as logo design and visual identity design.