Avon Travel

Hotel Booking, Book Simple and Fast


New York, NY


Designer, Researcher


Native Mobile App (iOS)




Portfolio Project



01. The Project

Find the perfect hotel for your upcoming trip with Avon Travel. We offer a beautiful and simple user interface to make it easy for you to find and book your perfect hotel for any upcoming trip. We make finding hotels easier than ever, so you can do what you do best – plan the rest of your vacation!

The goal of this project was to simplify the experience of booking a hotel.

02. Market Research

The claim
The usage of travel apps is on the rise and there are more people than ever before booking and planning their next trip through a travel app.

The problem
If you just want a place to browse and book a hotel, many of the most popular travel booking apps are clunky and offer multiple booking options, which can be distracting, and have too many unnecessary features.

03. Competitive Analysis

I analyzed 3 of the most popular apps in the space – looking both at their interfaces, features offered, and negative App Store comments to find patterns.


The Good

All the apps allow users to browse, search for hotels, and make a booking within the app.

The Bad

These apps can look cluttered and confusing at times. There are issues retreiving reservations, app glitches and crashing, and some apps seems to highlight positive feedback for hotel properties and negative feedback is harder to locate.

Problem from the comments

Booked with app, I have been traveling all day and after reaching the hotel they told me there is no booking under my name!

Ellipse 6
George M.

Mobile app is totally unusable!
Unable to login or reset password. Very frustrating!

Ellipse 4
Lindsay R.

Prices are not as advertised!
Lower price shown when browsing, price doubled when actually trying to book my hotel! Ripoff!

Ellipse 5
Roshan S.

04. Personas

I created personas based on two types of users that would be using the app and looking for a better way to book a hotel.

05. Low-fidelity wireframes

Next I started building low fidelity wireframes of of a simple hotel booking flow. There are additional steps to this flow, which are not shown.

06. High-fidelity UI Design

Next, I started by creating a couple of the main screens of the app. I had also done the logo/brand design for the company so I started by defining the app colors and fonts.

07. High-fidelity prototype

Next, I built a clickable prototype from my high fidelity designs to get a better sense of the app experience.

08. Final Design & Takeaway

This project has allowed me to look into and understand so many of the pain points that users have when it comes to booking hotels for their upcoming travel plans. In today’s ever-connected and fast-paced world, users have so many options available to them to book a hotel. However, we have seen that there are plenty of issues that still need to be corrected so that we can provide users with better experiences.