Kalya Veda

Kalya Veda is an herbal supplement brand based on the time-tested science of Ayurveda. This powerful holistic health system originated in India over 5000 years ago and is still fostering well-being and balance in people to this day. Their mission is to break down the elements of Ayurveda so anyone can understand them and fold them into their everyday lives. Kalya Veda was created to foster a sense of balance in body, mind, and consciousness. Their website provide a slew of knowledge about Ayurveda and the benefits of Ayurvedic herbs.


FitLabb is one of the first community fitness, nutrition, and wellness platforms dedicated to developing a balanced and healthy mind and body. With countless other fitness and nutrition services available, FitLabb was designed and developed to stand out from the pack by offering a truly personalized experience provided by experts passionate about helping others with their personal growth. I worked with them on brand naming development as well as logo design and visual identity design.

Bricks For Success

Bricks For Success is an Executive Coaching and Strategic HR Consultancy. The business owner is a solutions-focused Senior Executive, Consultant, and Board Member with more than 20 years of success across the technology, financial services, and consumer goods industries. I worked with her to develop the brand image, and website.

bay6 design

bay6 design is a brand that specializes in simple products for home and portable use. They needed someone to help them develop their branding and visual identity as they prepared to launch their first product, the Gravity Flip Lamp. I worked with them to develop their logo, as well as their product campaign and website.